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Client: Alveo Land Corp.


Rising as the third and forth residential towers in Circuit Makati, CALLISTO extends extraordinary experiences to contemporary living spaces fit for every unique lifestyle. It is located at West Gala Drive in Circuit Makati,

formerly the Sta. Ana Horse Racetrack site.


To create a parallel vision with Solstice, CALLISTO brings to life the promise of multi-faceted fun living in a busy urban landscape. It is equipped with similar set of outdoor features and amenities to create ‘separate but connected’ landscapes. The wet amenities are situated at a slightly elevated portion of the 8th floor podium, and includes a twenty-five meter long lapping pool, a children’s pool, and three whirlpools that appear to float in the middle of a submerged deck. Two water cascades from the children’s pool and the submerged deck down onto the lower level

of the podium. The pools are surrounded by ample decking for poolside lounging, and accessible by a series of steps and a ramp from the rest of the podium area.


At the lower level of the podium are the spill-over spaces from the two function rooms, a children’s playground, and at the northern most end, a sunken nook garden for more quiet activities.

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