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Client: Alveo Land Corp.


Epitomizing Nuvali’s vision of sustainable living, Venaré showcases 27.5 hectares of parks and open spaces that were conceptualized with the latest sustainable principles in mind. Amounting to about 37% of the total land area,

Venare’s open spaces include a streetscape with generous landscaped verges of walkways and bike lanes,

a 2-hectare central park, three satellite parks, and several pocket parks and greenways. Sustainable storm water management was central to the landscape design since the whole of Nuvali is situated within the Laguna Lake watershed that currently has less than 10% tree cover. 


Ornamental landscapes using indigenous species are complemented with productive orchards of tropical fruit

bearing trees. Landscape amenities include a botanical garden, vegetable garden, nursery, and green house.

Other outdoor amenities include cascading adult swimming pools, children’s pool, soccer field, four play areas,

and two basketball courts.

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