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The Promenade at ETON City

Client: ETON Properties Philippines Inc.


Approximately 4.7 hectares Promenade is the first of two phases of the planned commercial complex at the heart of the mixed-use development of ETON City in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. It is comprised of three main blocks of mostly

single-storey retail establishments that open to courtyard gardens and plazas. The abundant open spaces provide a retail experience that is the antithesis to the modern shopping mall, reconnecting the shopping experience with the surrounding outdoor environment. Multi-purpose open lawn areas, plazas, seating areas, seasonal flower gardens, and streetscapes with planted allele of trees make up the open spaces of the Promenade.


ETON City is within the very large watershed of Laguna de Bay — the lake,watershed, and water are all essential to the health of this ecosystem. ETON City’s landscape design includes sustainable management systems that help capture, slow down, filter and return storm water to the lake, thus contributing to the restoration of a healthy watershed ecosystem. A predominantly indigenous planting palette, locally sourced paving materials, and LED lighting add to the sustainable landscape initiatives of the Promenade.

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