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Marriott Hotel Clark

Client: Widus Philippines Inc.


The Marriott Hotel Clark is located within the Widus Hotel and Casino Complex in Clark,

Pampanga. It is the third of three hotel towers that complement the casino, and will become part of a larger expansion that includes a new casino wing, a fourth hotel tower, retail center, and a water park. The Marriott brand’s goal to create “Places full of light, life, and energy where you can work, play, mix & mingle, and connect & relax” is achieved through amenities and programs designed to provide a balance of relaxation & refreshment with business & recreation making guests desire to stay, hesitate to leave, and want to return again. 


The swimming pool is located at the second floor of the hotel directly adjacent to the bar, making the pool deck a convenient extension. Despite the relatively compact space, hotel guests can enjoy a 25-meter long lap pool with a submerged deck, a whirlpool, and children’s pool. An overflowing basin of water surrounding a feature tree adds

interest to the space. A raised pavilion with lounge furniture provide a shaded area during the day, and during evenings a fire pit create a cozy spot for evening drinks by the pool.

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