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Makati Diamond Residences

Client: San Miguel Properties


The Makati Diamond Residences is a hotel that combines luxury with the convenience of being at the heart of Makati’s central business district. The limited space at the ground floor opened the opportunity to have the outdoor lounge and swimming pool at the 7th floor sky garden, spared from the busy street life below and blessed with a view of the city skyline. The outdoor bar and lounge is framed by a lush living green wall of tropical plants. At the center of the space, one can sit under and admire a feature tree that thrives in this elevated garden. A water feature with a cleverly shaped diamond surface follows the ramp  down towards the indoor pool. Protected from the  tropical climate but bathed in natural light through skylights and a glass facade, the pool is an ideal place to get some sun in a comfortably controlled indoor environment.

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